Torny ( no prizes just fun )

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Torny ( no prizes just fun )

Post by Bobert on Sat May 07, 2011 2:58 am

this torny will be in mw2 pc, to enter you will need to have 4 team members so its gonna be 4 vs 4. Try to keep teams equal in skill. i 2 teams want have more players go ahead but make sure they are even, perks must be disabled! and killstreaks! it must be set to slow health regen and it can be set to normal or lower health. has to be hc tho so there is no map and stuff. you can only use frag nade, smoke nade and pistol as secondary. the game type can be CTF, SND, SAB,DEM.
-riot shields
-all attachments
-no hacks
-team speak or other 3rd party communications
the winner gets 2 points and draws get 1 points ( time limit and ect count as draw)
make sure you post the wining team on here.

If i get a second cod4 cd key i might give that away (mabey), aswell if you can try to record the matches and send them to joker so he can upload or make a movie or something with them. try to do this guys so joker can make the site look beast Smile

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