New Computer For Gaming

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New Computer For Gaming

Post by Bobert on Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:50 am

KK, i got this new computer for pc gaming and i wanna know if this will be able to run black ops:

intel core i7 processor 870 2.93 ghz dmi 2.5 gt/s

8g ram

1tb hdd

ati radeon hd 5570 ( 4091 mb graphics mem)
1gb dedicated

would this do ok?

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Re: New Computer For Gaming

Post by Tiberius on Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:02 am

Nice setup and it will run it but the video might be alittle slow later down the track. Save for a
Radeon 5850/5870/67xx/6850/6870


Geforce GTX460/560/570/


mid range GTS4xx/5xx

the 5570 you have is a good card for light gaming and low/medium settings on games and is commonly used in Media center pc (AKA HTPC).

and if anyone is planning on upgrading this year wait for end of year when AMD has a new CPU and GPU range

AMD Phenom 3
there Socket AM4 but also fit AM3

also a new Standard PCIE X16 socket V3.0 is being released

Also AMD will be having Quad Channel ram DDR3 and DDR4

and on another NOTE If you are planning on using windows 7 these notes will help

Windows 7
Home Premium 32bit max ram 3.5gb
Home Premium 64bit Max Ram 16gb
Pro 32bit Max Ram 3.5gb
Pro 64bit Max Ram 192GB <-------------- Best Option
Ultimate Max Ram ~ and 3.5gb for 32bit

Intel CPUs also released this year for there new Socket 1155 (AKA Sanybridge Core AKA P67) and the updated X58 cpus for 1366 socket
there named like this Core I7 9xxx and 9xxxK for unlocked multiplier for overclocking

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