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Money Making Tips

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Money Making Tips Empty Money Making Tips

Post by The Joker Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:17 am

There is plenty of ways to make easy gold in Fiesta, you just need to know what people are interested in. Now i'm no expert in Fiesta Economics or the current Fiesta Market Prices and all. But i've been playing for a few years, long enough to see the market change and grow. First off i'll start with ways to make easy gold using SC (Spark Cash).

Spark Cash:

- First you have the most obvious way of earning Gold using SC, gifting. All you do is Gift an SC bought item to a players account name. In return the player trades you gold. Gifting is generally done in 1000's, 1 gold for 1000 SC. Now since SC costs real money i wouldn't advise you sell your SC for 1;1 (1g for 1k SC) it just seems like a waste of money. Now the first thing you should know is there is a lot of scammers, there is next to no players that will trade the gold before you gift them. That's were the scammers get you.. they get you to gift them the SC item than they log off and you never here from them again. If this happens to you, please add their character name and account name to a thread called "Name & Shame Scammers" (i will create that soon). Do this and we can make sure they don't get gifted by any of us again.


- This is the business to be in. What you do is, using your SC you buy Enhancement packs off Fiesta Store (Gold Eye, Red Eye, Blue Eye) i'll explain what they do in a moment. Find a Weapon, Armour, or some Jewelry with good stats (pictures will be uploaded soon of a good stat item). Simply go to a Blacksmith and choose "Refine Item". Place the item you want to enhance in the slot at the center of the circle. Next add your Enhancement Eye's, you don't need to separate them, just place all 10 down on the same coloured slot (Bottom of the enhancement window). Now what these Enhancement Eye's do is they "Reduce the chance of breaking rate by 100%" "Increase the chance of success by 10%" and "Reduces the chance of the item degrading by 100%". These 3 eye's are your best friend when enhancing, because any enhancer hates seeing their enhanced item degrading or worse, being destroyed.

Now this next tip is just an unproven rumor, but the Blacksmith in Sand Hill has higher luck than any other Blacksmith in Fiesta, meaning you will have a higher chance of success. Now as I said this isn't proven, but i have tried every Blacksmith in Fiesta and it seems that Sand Hill really is the best, I've had more success than anything. Now once you have your Item and Eye's in the slots, it's time to add your enhancement stones. Elrue enhances from 1 to 3, Lix enhances from 4 to 6, Xir enhances from 7 to 9, and Karis enhances +9 items to 10 (they can only be used on Teir 3 items). Now you place your enhancement stone anywhere around the circle and start the enhancement (use the correct stone depending on what enhancement level your item is).

Once you have successfully created your +9 item, it is either time to use it on your desired character or sell it. Now here is the reason why it is better to use SC and enhance than it is to Sell your SC (Gift). Selling/Gifting your SC can earn you a little Gold, most players, even scammers will want to trade at 1;1. So if you spend $10 you will get about 10 Gold, now honestly that is not worth it, at all. The most i've seen SC being sold for is 8 Gold, so that's 80 Gold out of $10, now that is much better. But still not as good as enhancing. If you enhance a lvl 60 item to the point of +10, depending on how good the stats are, you can make anywhere between 1 or 2G (That's Gems!), so 100 or 200 gold! now i think that is much better than Selling SC. Don't you ? Granted finding the right items with decent stats may take time but it is worth it, sometimes you can find good Green or Blue items on sale in Elderine or Uruga for around 500 silver or 2 gold. But think about the profit at the end. I shall do some research and find out how much you can sell +9 items for at their levels (i.e. lvl 20,30,40,50,60+)

Non-Spark Cash

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